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Lunch Menu

Dall’orto - From the Garden

Add chicken $5 extra (Simmons Farm)  add shrimp $6

add 4oz salmon fillet $7


Insalata di Barbabietola                   $11.95

Our salad blend with red beets, carrots, goat cheese & chives in balsamic reduction


Insalata Salmone                    $15.95

Our salad blend with 4 oz. wild raised Salmon fillet from North Pacific, cherry tomatoes  in lemon dressing


Insalata Mediterranea            $12.95

Our salad blend with cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, mediterranean olives in lemon dressing


Insalata di Spinaci                  $11.95

Spinach, dried apricots, pumkin seeds, sliced almond , carrots, shaved parmigiano in lemon dressing


Insalata Basilico (side salad)                     $6.95

Our salad blend with cherry tomatoes, carrots & pumpin seeds in lemon dressing


Zuppa         $7.95

Ask your server for the daily soup

Al Forno – from the Oven


Lasagna    $16.95

Layers of pasta, house Bolognese sauce, parmigiano & besciamella sauce


Pollo al Limone                $16.95

Mary’s organic chicken breast grilled, topped with lemon juice and capers, served over a small salad

Panini – Sandwiches

Homemade "Piadina bread"


Vegetariano               $12.95

Cremini mushrooms, bell peppers, spinach, lettuce, our pesto mayo


Mortadella         $11.95

Pistacio Mortadella cold cut, provolone cheese, lettuce, our pestomayo


Pollo    $14.95

Grilled organic chicken breast, provolone cheese, crispy bacon, tomato & lettuce


Salame   $12.95

Rustic salame with peppercorn “soppressata”, minced Italian pickled, provolone cheese, lettuce & our pesto mayo


Prosciutto   $13.95

Dry cured prosciutto, mozzarella, lettuce, tomatoes & our pesto mayo


Salsiccia     $12.95

Italian mild sausage, Dijon, caramelized onion & minced Italian pickled


Mozzini          $12.95

Mozzarella, spinach, caramelized onion, lettuce,  & pesto mayo


“P”LT             $12.95

“Pancetta” Italian bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, frittatina & our pesto mayo

Sfizziatelle – Delights


Caprese              $12.95

Fresh mozzarella with tomatoes and pesto


Burrata        $12.95

fresh creamy mozzarella wrapped in S. Daniele Prosciutto


Bruschetta Classica            $7.95

Crispy garlic bread with marinated tomatoes


Bruschetta Colorata           $8.95

Crispy bread, goat cheese & marinated bell peppers


Polpette     $10.95

Handmade Meat balls in our marinara sauce

Pasta Fresca – Homemade Pasta

Ask about our Daily pasta choices

Add chicken $5 (Simmons Farm)    add Italian mild sausage  $5

Add shrimp $6     add mushrooms  $4   gluten free pasta $3

Add 4 oz. salmon fillet $7


Pesto                 $13.75

Basil, walnuts, garlic, parmigiano & pecorino cheese, evo


Ragu’ alla Bolognese              $    $ 14.95

Our family recipe meat sauce bolognese


Marinara                     $ 12.95

Our family recipe tomato sauce


Arrabbiata                     $ 13.95

Our tomato sauce with garlic & chili flakes


Aglio e Olio                   $12.95

Extra virgin olive oil, garlic, chili, bread crumbles & parmigiano


Polpette        $15.95

Our family recipe meat balls in marinara sauce


Pantera Rosa         $13.95

Marinara sauce, a touch of cream & pancetta (Italian bacon)


Vodka          $14.95

Smoked salmon, cream & marinara, touch of vodka


Super Alfredo              $13.95

Cream, roasted garlic cloves, coarse pepper & shaved parmigiano


Norcina   14.95

Italian mild sausage in a light cream sauce


Formaggi              $12.95

Light cream sauce with Italian blue cheese “gorgonzola”










Everything is made in the house with genuine ingredients.
No preservatives, no processed food, no lab components.
Our chicken is organic from Mary's farm, our eggs free range and our beef angus farmed in the USA.
Changes will be made to follow the seasonal harvest.

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